Could seriously use the help/advice please help?

I ran into my boyfriend tonight while I was out with my friend and so I went up to him and talked to him for a bit he was glad he ran into me so we spent the rest of the time there together. There is this old family friend who I live close to I`ve know him and his family for over 10 years now and his sister and I are best friends. Well I also saw him there tonight I went to go say hi and bye quickly so I wouldn't come across as rude or anything little did I notice till I got closer that he looked like he was on drugs. Now I don't believe in doing drugs the most I do is drink and I hardly drink well my boyfriend saw me say hi and it made him upset because he didn't like how the guy looked. I told him how he lives basically next door and all that other stuff and that I just didn't want to be rude and didn't notice the way he had looked till I got closer but he tried to ask me if I was on drugs and if I bought something off the guy cause the guy ran when cops were close by. I told him I wouldn't ever do drugs that I thought that drugs were stupid and how I really have nothing to hide that I am so sure of myself that I would even take a drug test if it came down to it because I knew it would come out clean. I also told him that he knows I only drink a little bit and once and a while might have a smoke when drinking a lot. He told me he believed me but now he is still a bit upset because of the guy and the fact I said hi to the guy. He said he would try to forgive and forget for me and promised me we would talk next Monday when he gets back. I was gonna try to talk to him tonight and see if he would consider not making it a two week break and if he wanted to just forgive and forget and have things be normal I was gonna talk to him about all of it tonight because he was so glad to see me that I figured he was ready to put it behind us and not bother with the little two week break we are still doing that tho and talking next Monday. I could really use some advice/help.

Also any ideas on how to prove to him that I am not hiding anything? thanks.
Also when I asked if he could give me a ride back home he gave me a ride home he said yes I promise babe I will see you next Monday to talk and before the ride he said he just didn't want me being addicted to that kind of thing.


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  • Okay, How long have you been dating? The reason I ask is if this is a fairly new relationship, He himself might have some baggage, and some jealousy issues. And another point to consider is if this is a new relationship, and he knows the other guy runs from cops, and if you associate with him, Your boyfriend could see this as a red flag. The best thing I would recommend is to give this a little bit of time.

    • We have been dating for 5 months now and I told my boyfriend that I hardly see him and I just told him to not talk to me again and ok thank you will try to :)

  • "Forgive"?

    Your boyfriend is a drama queen. Next!!!


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