Making plans for a date, with no response from him?

So I have been talking to this guy for about a month went out a couple times and talk almost regularly on the phone. So last Sunday we went out and had a great time, so that night I asked him if he was free that coming weekend he said he was free on Sunday and I said that I would arrange plans for that day which he agreed too. So today (Friday) we were texting about randomness and I asked him what time would be good for him to meet as he has work the night before so i didn't want to plan anything to early. He DIDN'T reply to my message but continued with our pervious conversation. I found it strange that he didn't answer me but answered my other questions. So should I talk to him tomorrow to confirm the plans or should I wait for him to ask or not bother bring it up again? Am I just overreacting? I have never really dated and I really like him and he likes me too I want this to work. Any advice?


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  • i think it would be ok if you just ask him again directly, then if he does not reply.. leave it. And see if he mention the topic any other day. It's disappointing I know.. but guys are weird :/ If he really really is interested in you he would ask you himself!