I'm having a my first date ever, on Valentine's Day, with a great friend of mine for lunch. What should I do/expect from and with her?

Background: I had a medical condition during my high school years (she graduated with me last year) and she was very concerned about how I was coping with it. She would help me a lot to cope with what I had. She would frequently text me over the years. After a month of not texting (we both went to college after hs graduation) she texted me saying we should get lunch sometimes. So we already set up a time, day and place to do so.

What does this mean? Is she interested in me? Or does she just want to know how I'm doing as a friend? (She already knows I'm better now.) I like her too and I would go out with her romantically but I don't want to get the wrong idea, you know?

We're having lunch next week. (two weeks ago)

Update written today, but happened last week: She canceled the date due to work, but I asked her again (with her choosing the day and place) and now we're having lunch today on Valentine's! I bought her a small bear in a gift box, and I'm paying her check (haven't told her yet, of course) (once we eat in a few hours).

I think we're going on a good path. What do you guys and gals think? Oh, and what should I expect/do on the date? Other than talking, eating, and enjoying who she is... :)

What really worries me is if I should do something physical. Should hold her hand (s) (when is that a good time to do it?) or give her a kiss when I arrive and leave?

It's my first date EVER so please bear with me :D

She texted me (after I sent her a confirmation text): "[a girl we know] might come is that okay?"

What does it mean?


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  • Follow her lead. And enjoy all the wonderful things u stated above. I can feel the love radiating from u within. But follower her lead... I hope she feels the same. U will understand signals she gives u with her body language look for subtle things.

    • I really like her! I will love her if she has the same feelings..
      What is one example of a body language signal? How subtle is it?

      I'm afraid her lead will completely pass by me.. Thank you for your response!

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    • In mine as well. I will thanks. I'm surrounded by those whom I love: ))

    • Ty for MHO hope things went well yesterday!

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  • I feel the same here.

    So tonight I'm going to this house were he will be at hopefully and the other way around. I really want to flirt with him that leads us to cuddling each other. We dated for a short time period but I'm not really sure if he is okay. He said, " when we cuddle let's see what happens." To be honest I go horny and turned on.

    Sorry if I got really personal.

    • Honestly, I would have been aroused too if she said that to me. Could something like that happen on our date? Either during or after?

    • It could happen on or after. Just try not to get a boner if it gets really personal.

    • LOL! I'll try my best!
      Thank you! :)

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  • I think you shouldn't go too fast, because you're not sure if she's interested or not. Remember it wasn't supposed to be on Valentine's day.

    I think a gift is fine, but holding hands and kissing may be too much. Stay off the physical stuff unless she looks like she's in the mood for the occasion.