Does he genuinely really like me? Advice please?

I have been seeing someone since September - we don't really text a lot but when he sees me he is all over me, cuddling me and kissing me.
He has told me he doesn't want a relationship right now but has said he would never rule one out later on this year.

However, he never shows his feelings and hasn't actually told me how he feels, despite me telling him. I asked why and he said he has never shown emotion even with previous girlfriends.

I have tried to call it off before as I thought this wasn't going anywhere and because of how I felt about him, but he seemed to become worried about not seeing me again, telling me that us seeing each other could last ages.

How does he feel about me? Is he too scared to tell me? Or is he not interested and just wanting sex/company?


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  • Sounds like he has other things he needs to get out of the way before he starts thinking about relationships. I really doubt he's just looking for sex, especially when he's said that he think you could be friends could last ages.
    If you've said you like him and he says he can't date/tell you how he feels then you've just gotta respect that and wait until he is.


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  • "How does he feel about me?"

    No idea. He hides it. Could be be anything!


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  • he just wants sex. if you're fine with that go for it, otherwise, avoid him.