Do seem like dating material or does something need to change?

I'm turning 23 and am in college pursuing a career as a physical therapist. I have a small part time job and have a car to drive. I live with my grandfather because he can't live alone and my sister and her friend live there as well. I guess you call us room mates. I have two hobbies/passions one is dancing and the other is muay thai/kickboxing. But right now I'm focused on dancing (hip hop and ballroom specifically). I am willing to try anything new but don't drink or do drugs. I'm more of a quiet person with strangers but once I know you I easily open up. I currently don't have many friends because they all left for different universities. I keep myself busy with dance but have plenty of time for a relationship. Based on all this am I dating material. I've never had a girlfriend and am not sure why. Things just usually don't work out I feel like it's bad luck.

  • No such thing as bad luck you just need to make it happen
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  • There are a couple issues you should fix then it will be better (say below please)
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  • It's just been bad luck you'll meet someone eventually and you sound like a good guy
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  • Girls are crazy how are you single
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  • I'm in the same exact position. Things will turn around just don't worry about it and keep doing things that help you and your family.


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  • you just need to get out and start meeting people. find a hobby, join a club, take a fun interactive class.


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