HELP Should I dump him? Should I wait? What should I do?

I met this guy on a dating website. We've been dating for almost 3 months. He has met my parents and friends, and I have met his as well. We seems to be heading towards something serious.

He has told me that he really sees himself with me and that I'm definitely a keeper. here comes the ''but''.

BUT I asked him if we could date each other exclusively a few days ago and he told me: No, because I prefer we take things slow. In every relationship I've had in the past, we became bf and gf too soon. One of us became rlly possessive and it didn't work out.

The thing is I've never really had a GREAT vibe about him and I've heard that he's a player and likes to play with people's feelings...

I've got a feeing that he doesn't want to be exclusive just because he wants to be able to hook up with anyone he wants.

PS: We also agreed on not having sex, because we're not officially dating (bf/gf), I'm a virgin & I told him I wouldn't sleep with anyone if I'm not dating them.


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  • The question is indeed: can you trust him?
    If the "dating" with other girls is only about meeting them and having a drink, a chat, perhaps a dance... okay.
    But imagine he has sexual contact with another girl while becoming more and more close with you... than the chance that he'd cheat on you during a serious relationship is 50+%!
    I would not waste the good bond you have with hum but tell him that if dating anyone else goes into the sexuality phase it will be over. Hopefully he finds that logical!

    • Thanks for the most helpful Martine! How are things going?

    • hey no problem! & I dumped him yesterday, but not because of anything related to what I wrote here. We weren't made for each other and I found him a bit immature and selfish. But anyways, hahaha I'm doing good :P back on the market I guess haha

    • Oh my goodness Martine, that "back on the market" is a little delicate, one or another joker will probably add a comment below asking for the price hahaha :-)

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  • If you've been dating for 3 months then you should probably be exclusive. I know guys who would say that they think 3 weeks of dating is enough to have sex with someone! (Just to point out, I don't think that 3 weeks is long enough)
    Everything he's said would suggest that he really likes you but for what ever reason he seems to have commitment issues.
    Tell him that you want an exclusive relationship and that after 3 months you feel you should know whether you like someone enough to be monogamous


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  • you should end it if you don't trust him.