Is this normal, or am I too anxious?

I am in a relationship with a guy, and I want to hear what you think about the following.

I am anxious about things like :
1. If one day he will no longer love me
2. When he says he will call and he doesn't-or when he doesn't answer my text or is late to our date, I see nothing but a dark cloud and him ending things suddenly.

I know he likes me lot and he sees me as beautiful, but I think I worry too much.

How do relax and not focus on him? I am not clingy at all.


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  • If you feel really anxious with any guy, it's not a good sign.

  • He only says he likes you. Don't fall for it. He can only see you certain times. Ok? It's like the timing isn't right for him to make your anxiety like this. Deal with it.

    • No he loves me too. I forgot to mention it.

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    • He says it and shows it

    • How does he show it?

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