Is being attractive harder for guys or girls?

For a girl, she would have to be slim and pretty to have a good chance with most guys.

For a guy, he needs to have excellent communication/social skills to have a good chance in the dating world.

Here's why I think it's harder for guys: Those with Asperger syndrome or shy are at a serious disadvantage, even if they work out or lose lots of weight. I personally take everything personal/serious because I can't distinguish between sarcasm and seriousness.

I don't like to flirt because I'm not good with words. I am however, good with generic jokes like WWII humor. My plan was always to be friends with a girl I like for a month or two and later ask her out if I see any signs of attraction.

I would ONLY flirt in a relationship because I know I've secured the bond, but never in the "seeing-each-other" phase because there's a 100x higher chance a wrong move can ruin everything.


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  • Harder for a guy because us girls have our way, and we have that walk, we can get the guy...

  • I believe its the sam, girls almost never do the first move. So if he isn't social he will have a tough time. On the other hand if a girl is really unpretty there are not a lot of guys who will talk to her. Even if she has the best personalty ever.


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