Did she friend zone me?

It is a long story, sorry about that but please help me!

I met this shy, introvert, sweet and amazing girl six months ago and have a huge crush on her. I involved in her friend circle and we talk and flirt. I asked her to two dances as my date nicely and she accepted. We have common interests. Then I start to make body contact. I touch her hair, head, I hugged her and I put my hand on top of hers but she never reject but smile. I caught her looking at me several times. She smiles a lot when talking to me and I thought that it's the time to tell her I like her. Then I bought a dozen of roses yesterday and asked her to be my girl friend. She accepted the roses but hesitated and said:" I feel really bad right now. I am sorry because I don't want a boyfriend in high school maybe college, neither my mom. You are really a nice friend and I don't want to hurt you." Then she hugged me and smiled and left. I really like her and decided to wait for her. Do you think she likes me? What should I do? Should I start as a nice friend and wait for her? Please Don't tell me to move on because I only love her.

i am 16 and she is 17, i am not 21 sorry about the wrong info.


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  • I think she was honest with you and isn't interested in dating right now, so that's where you should set your expectations. She might find you sweet, caring, and attractive, but she isn't interested in doing anything about it right now. I wasn't either at 16, not every girl is. I would move on, but since you said you don't want to you could stay her friend but I would invest less interest in her emotionally / physically in her. I think you'll drive yourself nuts if you keep up the same level of interest in her despite knowing nothing will become of it.


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  • How old is she? If she's in highschool and your 21? No parents wants their daughter to date an older man in highschool, never


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