I just saw a question about morals and a lot of guys expressed that they wouldn't date a girl with no morals. If this is true why sluts get asked out?

Im just a girl looking for love and feeling very lonely this Valentine's day. All the slut chasing boys get asked out at my school and im a little more modest and reserved but still fun. Why am i not asked out? Im a pretty average looking person though with nice hair and a good butt.


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  • Probably because the only guys who will appreciate u r too shy to ask u out... like myself. And thats probably why I'm alone on v-day as well *sigh*. Hang in there

    • Well how would a shy guy act around a girl if u liked her?

    • He would "admire u from afar" just keep your eyes peeled

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  • Because guys like me are shy. Lol

    • How do shy guys act? Would u like a girl to ask you out first?

    • Shutter guys assume you aren't interested
      you have show a little interest
      talking to us is enough.

  • Find yourself a good guy, they tend to be shy, not the showoffs. You might have to take a risjk and let him know you like him or ask him out.

  • Sluts have morals, just not your morals. :D


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