Why would a girl break up with you, but still want to hang out and be friends?

If she doesn't think I'm worth dating why does she even want to spend time with me? Should I just ignore her for good?


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  • Just because she isn't interested in dating you doesn't mean she isn't interested in being friends with you. I have A really close guy friend that has had strong feelings for me for A long time. I really love everything about him as A friend and A person in general, but that is the limit of my attraction to him... I don't see him as more than A friend.

    As the girl before me stated, she may be trying to soften the blow of rejecting you because she feels guilty about the situation, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Check it out for yourself and make an educated judgment. Don't be quick to assume something either way. Wouldn't want to lose A potentially awesome friendship over A quick assumption.

    Hope I helped. :)

    • That's awful, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you know he has feelings for you and you can't return them you shouldn't even talk. That makes it seem like you're an attention whore and like to take advantage of people.

    • Attention whore? Wow. I don't take advantage of people, especially someone I love. He's 100% aware that I don't have the same feelings for him as he does for me, and he still chooses to have A friendship with me... in fact, he's one of the closest friends that I have. It's funny that you're so quick to judge me when I'm giving you the honest advice and opinion you asked for.

  • it either means that she really likes you as a person and wants to continue to be with you just not intimately OR she's just being nice and saying that so she doesn't hurt you further

    your going to have to be the judge on that


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