How do I prove to my boyfriend that I am not doing drugs?

So the other night I saw my boyfriend while I was out so I went up to him to say hi we are currently on a two week break and talking next Monday. I was going to see if he wanted to forget the two week break cause he was really happy to see me. Things were going good till I ran into a family friend and I said hi quickly since he looked like he was on drugs my boyfriend asked if I had bought drugs off him. I told him no he's a family friend I just didn't want to seem rude. I told him I thought drugs were stupid and that I wouldn't ever take them and that I wouldn't ever talk to the guy again since I told him not to talk to me again. Now instead of getting to ask him if he wanted to forget the two week break we are still taking two weeks and talking next Monday. When I asked if he believed me he said yes but he didn't like me talking to that guy. I didn't realize the way the guy looked till I got close enough to really see him. How can I prove to him that I`m not on drugs? or even just how can I fix this and show him that I am truly sorry and I didn't know he would be upset? he said he will try to forgive me for it and said he promised we would talk next Monday. He said he didn't want me to be addicted to anything like that is all and that the guy just looked like he was on drugs. He wasn't in a great mood after so we only talked a bit but he gave me a hug and said don't worry babe I promise we will talk next Monday and he drove me home when I asked if could get a ride. I just want to make things go back to being the usual easy and fun that we normally have together. I Said that I would even take a drug test cause I know it would come out clean as the most I do is drink once and awhile and that thats how sure of myself I was that I really had not been doing drugs. could really use the help/advice please.

Also we have been dating for 5 months.
Also only thing I have ever done was weed but he was told when we first started dating and he has tried it himself and understood so he didn't mind that I smoked weed since he knows I am not addicted plus I told him how its been almost a month (22 days) that I have gone without smoking it so he is aware of that and is fine with it.


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  • I would wait for Monday and talk to him about the issues and whatever else is going on between the both of you. And if he does trust you I would hope then that he knows you are telling the truth. Your boyfriend does seem to care deeply for you so I believe everything will work for the both of you. I hope everything works out for you. Cheers

    • Yeah I will wait till Monday and try to explain how I was simply just a bit drunk that night but hadn't done drugs I hope so as well as I wouldn't lie to him about this stuff or anything and yeah I think he really does care as well its just he tends to get very worried about stuff with me like this if he didn't care he probably wouldn't have given me a ride home and thank you this is reassuring for me it does help and thanks I hope so as well :_

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  • Honestly He doesn't seem that great of a guy if he's going to be like that. Plus You don't have to prove anything to him if your not lying. If you can't trust a person by what they say in a relationship that just seems like then maybe y'all shouldn't be together.

    • True enough well I will consider this thanks

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  • Get a drug test. by the way, if I had a girl that was even willing to get a drug test for my sake, I would probably marry her.

    • Really? well I don't do drugs I use to smoke weed but its been almost a month (22 days) that I have gone without smoking it but when we fist started dating he knew about that because I told him I sometimes smoke weed and he was ok with it because I am not addicted to it plus he has tried weed before so he understood and well any girl willing to do that would be lucky if you think that way and I am thinking I will just take a drug test and when we talk next Monday I will show it to him so he knows I am being honest with him thank you :)

  • Am ok, he seems a little bit controlling. He can´t tell you to who you shouldn't´t be saying hi. If that guy was a family friend it was no big deal. Your boyfriend over reacted.

    • Yeah a bit it was cause of how he looked tho I would probably ask the something if he did that its just if I say I'm willing to take a drug test to prove I'm not doing drugs then clearly I'm not on drugs and thanks

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  • Yeah, go get a drug test at the local "we sell everything" store. It's 35 bucks or something

    • Really? ok that could work but is there no other way to go about getting a drug test? like you can't ask your doctor or anything? I would be more then happy to try this but just don't have 35 bucks for it and thanks

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    • Okay

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