He says I'm not deserving of him, but he treats me like we're committed. Why do you think?

I have been seeing this guy for 6 months. When everyone sees us together, they assume we are officially together bc of the way we act when we are together. We haven't made it official. He told me Happy Valentine's Day but he feels he does not deserve me. It seems like the closer we get he start to feel pressured. Earlier in our dating period I stopped seeing him but he came back in like two weeks. It's so confusing bc he has met my bro and sis and he says his fam asked about me. I'm confused. I told him that he's either with me or not before and he came back. He take me out from time to time but he thinks I don't deserve him. Can someone please help me understand what might be going through his mind bc he keeps showing he wants to be here but he's saying the opposite.


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  • Are you giving him the benefits of being in a relationship? Because he'll accept that if he doesn't have to commit to you, he would see not reason to.

    • He is doing all the work. When he pays then sometimes I would pay. When he wants to do something I'm open. What am I supposed to do? Push him away.

    • Do you have sex? Kiss? Comfort and support each other? You aren't seeing other people?