My girlfriend doesn't show me love to me or talk to me in person?

My girlfriend doesn't show me love, and barley talk to me in person, i asked her why through text, she said I don't know but she'll show me love but never does and when i asked why she dont talk to me in person she says she doesn't know what to tell me, i caught her getting very close to another guy, but she told me she wasn't cheating on me, i asked her to stop texting him or seeing him, but she kept doing it on the low when she promised she wouldn't,
Now she really doesn't see him or text him or do anything with him, she tells me she want to be with me forever, want so to have babys with me but she tells me this in text, she still doesn't show me love and barley talks to me in person
We are both 15, and have been going out for 10 months
I love her very much and she does as well if she says so, what should i do?


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  • Uhm. How can this even be a relationship if y'all don't talk in person? I don't mean to be rude but I think your wasting your time and can do a lot better!!


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