Is it okay to ask the person you're dating if they've ever cheated on someone before?

This is a purely hypothetical question.


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  • It's ok but do you really think they'd admit to it if they had?

    • That's what I just wrote to Virulent, that they could lie. haha Would you ever admit to it?

    • Well I've never cheated or even been in a relationship but the way I look at it is if I asked a girl a question about her past I'd want an honest answer. So yes I'd give an honest answer. If a girl isn't willing to overlook something about my past then I'd respect that and move on.

  • That's not okay.

    • And why not?

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    • ... /shrug/ You guys are dumb. Expected.

    • How am I dumb? I said I got it. And yeah, you're right that I lose either way, but the thing is that I wasn't expecting to win anything out of asking, just to get information. I'd like to be able to talk about anything with my boyfriend... but I guess that seems like too much to ask for. Anyway, thanks for your opinion.

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