Should I let my boyfriend do this? It's making me jealous, but I don't know?

Ok so I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year, and he's not the one to cheat. He's been cheated on in fact, so I highly doubt he'd do this because he was heartbroken when it happened. Anyways there was a dance lastish year and a girl asked him, my boyfriend, to dance with her. He said no kindly, but then a minute or two later asked me if he could dance with her for one song because he felt bad. I was a little bothered by it, but I didn't want to seem jerky, so I said sure. (Keep in mind this girl is a year older than us and pretty as heck) so yesterday was the Valentine's day dance. We didn't spend much time together, because he was off with his friends, but we did dance for one song. During one slow song, though, my friend who is also his friend said that my bf got dared (because they were playing a dare game) to ask a "lonely girl" to dance and they had to dance for five seconds. In my mind I was just like "if you're looking for a lonely girl I have one right friggin here" long story short he didn't find one I guess. It still bothers me. I don't want him and his buddies thinking of me as a stick in the mud or anything, but I feel like he's trying to make me jealous. Opinions? What do I do?


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  • I don't think it's anything for you to worry about at all, but if it bothers you then just say so. He asked you for a reason and it is your right to set such boundaries.


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  • What is the age of the male in question and his friends?

    • Most of them are thirteen. (But I'm still twelve)

    • Thirteen. Think nothing of it. That said you being jealous makes sense but there's really nothing to be done at that age over the matter. Even self-expression is rather wasted.

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