How should I approach this chick at the gym?

I'm a bodybuilder hut not freakish I have a very noticable physique and people stare at me when I train at the gym. Mostly guys lol. But every now and then a catch a chick that's attractive looking at me more than once. I have no pick up line tbh. I also train there almost everyday so I don't want to make a fool out of myself.


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  • Why don't you start with small talk? Hey, how's it going? How long have been going to this gym? What's your name, and very nice to meet you?

    • That's not me though comes off unnatural.. I almost want to point and smile at her saying like 'I caught you' and just tease her lol. How I've always gotten laid.

    • If that works for you, then go with it.

  • Try being friemds with her first then see later what happens