Does he want to give me a piggyback ride? Or am I just overthinking?

So my boyfriend apparently loves giving piggyback rides. At this bible study thing at our friends house we went to he gave our friend a piggyback ride, and now almost everytime I see him outside of school he asks people if they want a piggyback ride. My cousin said he never did this anywhere else except for when I'm there. Is he trying to get me to let him give me a piggyback ride or is it coincidence? And if so I'm not sure if he'd be able to carry me. I weigh 120 pounds (at the most) and he weighs around 107. he is quite strong, though. I'm just afraid I guess. Any advice?


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  • He can handle it... go ahead, give him a ride.

    • Haha! Thanks lol I'll give it a try

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