Have you ever had success with FREE online dating websites?

I've used plentyoffish, Okcupid and now the Tinder dating app. I have had NO success at all! I'm 24 and still never had a girlfriend. I've been rejected by every girl in real life too! I thought dating websites would FINALLY work but they have been a failure too.

On plentyoffish, I messaged over 60 girls and THREE of them responded. Out of the three that responded, two of them quit talking to me and the one I had a conversation with eventually quit talking to me too.

On Okcupid, I didn't have a single reply back. I messaged roughly 50 girls on here.

On Tinder, I "like" about 90% of the girls. I've had about 20 matches but they never reply back either.

Keep in mind, I'm nowhere near picky either. Has anyone else had success?

@posted Great advice! Thanks.


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  • I've had some fun times with some cool people off tinder and okcupid but ima girl so these apps are really biased towards us.

    • The whole dating scene is biased towards women. Because women can ask any guy out and never get rejected.

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    • Yes it is. Men generally aren't picky.

    • ^ honest and 100% accurate answer.

      Also the guy is somewhat correct... Not completely but most good looking girls with a decent personality can at least get a first date out of a guy, at least a lot more than vice versa.

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  • Pof you have to get the 'new users' or they're so flooded with people it's crazy. I am dating a girl that's been on there for a while before though. If you don't live in a major city near other major cities it also cuts your chances to shit.
    Tinder is generally a 50/50 response for me.

    Either way all biased towards girls, had a few dates with different girls but there were a lot of major flaws in the way.

    Tip for pof would be after a few convos or maybe the first if they're feeling it, get their number so you're not just another face on the internet.


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  • I don't use dating apps or sites. But my cousin met her current boyfriend on POF. She said it was hard at first but she became very specific in her profile and blocked out people only looking for hook ups (apparently there is a way to do that) and she found better matches messaging her. They've been dating for 6 or 7 months now I believe and are very happy.

    I wouldn't use tinder to pick up anyone it seems to be more for hookups then relationship success.

    I like to meet my men the old fashion way... in the library, coffee shops, bar, through friends... but that's just me :)

    • YES! I like the old fashioned way too but unfortunately, our generation prefers the virtual way.

      From what I've seen, these dating sites/apps are heavily biased against men. Women have it far easier in general but ESPECIALLY in the dating scene.

  • to me it seems free online dating sites are the toughest


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  • I met someone off of OKCupid... things are definitely progressing, and I will probably meet her soon.

  • Yes I met two nice girls on 'Lovee'.
    But i wouldn't use dating sites again I was just curious a few years ago when it was getting major hype.

    • Well, since you DID have success, why won't you ever use dating sites again?

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    • People still interact face to face but not NEAR as much as they used to.

      Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbr, MySpace, Snapchat? We see you have a GirlsAskGuys though. You will see most people spend their entire lives on these sites.

    • @asker some people yeah like every other activity.
      But if you go to events everyone is very much still alive in the world.
      Anyway girls like face to face dates.
      What do you think happens after online dating? Why do they do online dating? Because the outcome is face to face.

  • Most of my success came from OKCupid in terms of messages, but never really met anyone.

    POF and Tinder I pretty much gave up hope.

    Yeah... online dating sucks for us guys.

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