He's clingy and controlling, we aren't even dating?

He needs to know everything i'm doing, where i'm going, who i'm texting, if i talk to guys, who they are. He always trys to pick a fight about nothing like tonight i was hanging with some friends and he was wanting to know every single detail and i just plain out asked him why he needs to know because i was getting annoyed with the questions and he freaked, then texts me these long ass novels of how sorry he is, i can make my own decisions blah blah blah, he's jealous becuse i have some clsoe guy friends, and he asks about them, he also acts like an overprotective parent always wanting to know what im up to, he constantly tells me he's so lucky, i really like you, your perfect which i don't like that gooey shit and he's aware,

he wants to hang every weekend, he never let me do stuff by myself, like i know its manners to open doors but if im driving he wil open my door and im not use to it he does it everywhere and if i open the door for myself he gets mad. He constantly texts me, i told him he was clingy and to back off a bit and he won't but whenever i dont answer he's like do you need space? Todays Valentine's and i didn't wanna hangout and i couldn't an i told him not to get me anything because i simply dont want anything but he got mad about that. Like im not that interested in him anymore and he's soo obsessive.


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  • Why don't you end it then?
    He is already out of hand and he is only going to get worse.

    • I don't know what to say to him without him jumping down my throat

    • @asker Just say I'm sorry it's not working out any more and you wish him well but you are ending the relationship

  • I think he likes you but doesn't want you to say no to him asking you out


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