My boyfriend said I look different but I don't see it? he said its a good different I also got a comment that I look like on drugs? don't do drugs. ?

My boyfriend said there are a few things that have changed about me and he fell for me because of some of those things he said he still feels the same about me he just noticed that I look a bit different? Also does it really look like I do drugs? I swear I haven't done drugs before maybe smoke a bit of weed on occasion but haven't smoked it in about 22 days now. my profile pic is cause I don't have makeup on and skin usually has that glow without makeup. I asked what he meant but he wouldn't explain much just that if I talked to me friends I would know and that me and him would talk about it more next Monday. Most people say I just look a bit older and that the changes in appearance are there a bit and that its just because he met me when I was still 19 and am 20 now is probably all he's meaning. Thoughts on this? could use the help/advice.



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  • You look perfectly fine in your pic with no signs of you being a drug user, maybe your in love with him deep so it's showing on your face cause when i was in love when i was younger my face would show it

    • Maybe I don't use drugs at all its stupid to use them thats just my thought tho I think you could be right also I think I just look different from being a bit older it happens thank you :)

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    • You're welcome :)

  • Sounds like a brain fart.


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