I'm the female version of the main actor on Her. I can't find someone that will connect with me on a emotional level. Do you guys feel like that too?

I am sensitive and deep person. Falling in love will make me cry and vulnerable. I want someone who I can to for hours and he won't judge me. I am watching Her right now and I cried haha...
Any thoughts? I love this movie so much...


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  • I appreciate women like this, you have depth. Something many women today lack. I'd let you cry on my shoulder for as long as you need.

    • Thank you stranger

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    • But thanks for your kindness

    • I'm sure you are pretty, and someday a man will see that and appreciate you. Stay positive.

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  • yes
    like what is or Skype

  • Are you ugly?

    • Nope, I'm pretty I think that's what guys tell me. I'm shy

    • Guys like you don't understand

    • First off if you are pretty and you can't find someone to connect with, then either your standards are too high/your being picky. Or you might not be into men.

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