Should I date a non Muslim guy?

I'm a Muslim girl. I never dated American non Muslim guy before and I wansnt planning on dating one till this one guy asked me out but this is against my beliefs. Even if I do start a relationship it won't go to marriage unless he converts. should I give him a chance? please don't judge this just my belief I respect every religion.


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  • I think you should ask him if he could possibly see himself converting in the future. If so, try it. If not, don't get too involved. it wasn't meant to be

    • Is don't wanna scare him right now if it's something serious I will let him know.

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    • That's true, probably do that. But don't get too involved before asking. Could be quite the heart break

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  • Go for it--you might learn some good things from us infidels, lulz. Anyway, where a relationship goes is up to you.

    • If things get more serious, then you can bring up this issue, but do not bring this up until it becomes more important.

  • You need to ask him if he'd be open to converting.

    • Before going on a fist date? I don't wanna scare him.

    • No. Go on a date, get to know the guy. Once you start sensing that its serious... then you pop that question.

    • K thanks.

  • I know you said no judging but look. You bleed, he bleeds and it all comes out red. Be good to the people here on earth. It is a short ride. Be with whom you want and be a good person. It's all that counts.

    • Im good to everyone around me and I treat everybody the same but when it comes to dating I can't marry a non Muslim. I dont practice my religion but I know I'm a Muslim and I just want him to be muslim too even if he don't practice it.

    • You're a person and that's that. In 500 or 1000 years religion will be outdated and archaic.

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