He wants me around but won't have sex?

Long story short. I like this guy. He will text me sexy messages and vice versa. We have fun together and have great convos. But he doesn't try to sleep with me.

I really like him and I respect the fact he doesn't try anything. But it does make me wonder if he has something on the side or he just doesn't want to try with me. He does know that I would like a serious relationship.

Is this his way of saying he doesn't want one?

He isn't a virgin and he won't respond when I try to make a move or touch him. He says he wants to later in a text but holds back.
*But he says he holds back


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  • dude when you equate fucking you with direspect what do you expect. take your pants off and tell him everythings going to be ok


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  • Is he a virgin? Maybe he's to nervous to try something. Or he just believes there should be a strong relationship before there is sex.
    What happens if you try to initiate sex?


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