Why does he act like this? GUYS any ideas?

when i try talking to this guy i feel the pressure falls on me to keep the conversation going since he barely says anything. so i have to do all the question asking/topic finding while he answers my questions. because of this conversations tend to get quiet & awkward and he starts playing with his phone. also he avoids me at times and its so obvious, though i ignore it.

then he does a complete 180 at times and comes to me on his own and sits with me on the bus, or smiles at me and says hi on his own.

he's not like this with other girls and guys I've seen their conversations and they seem a lot smoother and he behaves differently with them

for example the other day i ran into him at the skytrain station, he was with some other friends, i smiled at him as we stood and waited for the train and he widened his eyes and gave a gesture he saw me. well his friend left on the other train, and he came and sat beside where i was standing, and we looked at one another and smiled and said hey, i came and sat with him at that point. the thing is he seemed happy to me and was smiling but again he only asked a couple questions before the pressure fell on me again

so is he just trying to be nice by talking to me?
ps we both are 20


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  • Maybe you're just not his type or whatever you just said didn't interested him at the time. Just ignore him and I'm sure he will be at your heels.

  • Its not easy to have a conversation with someone you have feelings for.


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