Guy says I'm not a commodity. Does he think he can do better than me?

I said to guy that he should go on the pull as he can do better than me and he said I'm not a commodity. So does that mean he agrees that he can do better. We are not dating


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  • No, I think what he was getting at by 'commodity' was that you're not an object with a set value. Finding a partner isn't some marketplace where people have set values or scores, he realises this, and was trying to tell you that it doesn't matter if you or some random bum think that some other girl is in some way 'better' than you - he likes you for you and he was trying to be nice about it.

    That's how I read it, anyways. Guy seems nice and he likes you. Take your chance with him if you're interested!

    • Nah he only wants to be sex buddies he's not really interested in me. That's why I thought it was weird cos if were sex buddies it kinda I'd like commodities

  • Its possible that he is of the opinion that females aren't objects that are traded in for newer or better models, but however unique snowflakes that each have their own qualities.

    • Haha could be. Just seems a weird thing to say when we used to be sex buddies

    • yes definitely an awkward comment, not the words I would have chosen

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