True confusion or what?

My boyfriend is currently taking time to figure out whether he wants to continue our long distance (1.5hr away) relationship. He says I'm exactly what he wants in a girl, but the distance is too much. I told him that I wanted to make it work. He's so confused now. He told me he doesn't know what to do. However I'm becoming paranoid and starting to think that maybe he just doesn't know how to break up with me? He did say he didn't want to let me go despite the distance, and that he's just too confused.


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  • In general men won't do anything they don't want to, if he is putting in the time to see you then he wants to be with you. Having been on the receiving end of this one a few years ago it turned out that he couldn't be bothered to put in that much effort as he was too young. Basically he wanted to see other girls.

    My advice spend some time thinking about what you want, the way I look at these things is if he isn't willing to put in the effort then you deserve better.

    • Thanks. I know for a fact that this is not about other girls. I just can't figure out whether this is about 1. He's scared that if he commits he will get hurt longterm bc it won't work out or 2. He doesn't want to put in the effort.

    • True, it could be a mixture of the two, it's a lot to invest and there is a chance it won't work. Give him a bit of time and see where it goes, sometimes men panic more than they let on, possibly worth asking what his concerns are and if there is anything you can do to minimise those

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