Who should I choose between my Two chatting male friends?

I have two chatting male friends and I don't know who to choose. I don't quiet know if they have feelings for me or not? But the first guy, At first, I always start the conversation and he always talk about food (Idk, we usually talk about random things) but day by day.. he seems like asking about me (I'm not really sure though). And there's the second guy, he always start the conversation and sometimes, he gives me a hint that he likes me (I guess so) by saying "goodbye" , "sweet dream" and sometimes he give me kiss and shy emoticon, also, he said sorry and give me excuses if he late reply me. Do you guys think that they love me? And who should I choose?


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  • The second guy, he always texts first so he is obviously eager to learn more about you, it depends what you think of each, which one are you more interested in? The second guy seems more interested in you from my perspective. It may just be a crush, not love just yet 😊

    • I don't know who I more interested in.. I've already like the first guy in the first place, but then, I always wait for the second guy to texts me and if he late reply to my text, I get annoyed and if he said sorry for the late reply, I forgive him just like that. I don't know which guy I really like..

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