Should I Contact Him? Was I Wrong?

There was a guy friend that I'd had for about two years and had gotten close to. Last Valentine's Day I built up the courage to ask him if he would ever wanna be more than just friends. He said he cares about me a lot but worried that long distance wouldn't work (he goes to school two hours away). Also we're different in that he likes to party and I'm more a homebody. But he said when he's officially done with school he'd want to but that he cherishes the little time we do spend together when he visits home.

So things were great with us. Felt like we were dating. Then a few months down the line he starts texting me less. Several times he came home for competitions but never thought to see me. Last straw was a month into his summer break, he still hadn't asked to see me and I broke it off with him. He reached out a few months later saying he was going back to school and let him know if I needed anything. I really miss him. Was I right for calling things off? Should I message him?

I guess my biggest problem is just feeling like I never got any answers about what happened and why things changed.


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  • you where right not call it of.. don't message him


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  • Ok... let me get this straight... you "broke things off" with someone who
    1. you weren't officially dating
    2. was already ignoring you...
    what kind of delusion are you going through? just because you Felt you were dating doesn't mean you were.
    forgive my phrasing but there's no wrong or right here... just life happenings. Sometimes people just don't get in touch. Just contact him with a simple "Hi" to let him know you are still around.

    • Well we were in the complicated stage where he was telling me he didn't want to be with anyone else and that he cared about me. We just didn't put the label on it. But yeah maybe I'll say hi just to keep the friendship at least. And he wasn't ignoring me. He'd respond delayed by days and text me and stuff. Just wasn't askingn to see me

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    • But even on a friend level isn't it pretty shady of him to be leading me on and then pull away like that with no explanation?

    • I don't think he pulled away, just probably busy doing other stuff. thats why i said text him to remind him...

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