Call her for a date?

I have a coworker who is a friend, and hangs out with me and others often, but I never see her alone, except maybe in a break room with enough people close to hear. Now she loves games, and told me Wednesday she never learned Chess. I told her I could teach her, poorly, and she said that sounded fun. For her birthday on Friday I got her a travel Chess set, and she was so excited. She said "I'm blown away. This is so sweet, I don't what to say. So when are you going to teach me?" I got the most courage ever and said "How about I take you to dinner and I'll show you then?" She said this week is busy, but next would be good. We didn't make any plans, and I don't know if she got the "take her out" point or not.

So, should I call her in an effort to achieve privacy and say 'date'? I will see her in person Tuesday, but surrounded by people.

Also, say this works, she and others are already at my house for a movie night next Monday. Would it be awkward to hang out with somebody around friends when a date is in a day or so?


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  • Just do it! Stop overthinking this


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