How many of you gets a current shock when your crush touches you?

Just curious!

I haven't had a crush in 3 years! But I still remember the feeling I had for that one girl. :/

Would you help me to find a new way
Would you guide me through all this again
Don't let me slip away
I need you here till the very end

So stay here with me
There's so much love in your smile when i look at your face
And i'm here to stay
You're my first and my last loving
You're my escape

So tell me you'll be right here with me
Hearing your voice is like hearing an angel sing
Through the good and bad and all in between
You're the one i want and the one i need
And i know


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  • Not unless he's been rubbing his socks on the carpet

    • That doesn't generate electricity. Trust me, I study physics. :P

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