Not allowed to be in a relationship?

My typical strict Asian parents have made it clear to me that I am not allowed to have a boyfriend until I'm 20. My mom is a bit more lose, and she allows me to go on dates, but my dad gets furious even when I joke around with him. I've dated someone behind their backs and it lasted a year before I ended it since he moved. I've been talking to this new guy for almost six months now and i am so in to him, and he's into me. Should I tell him about my parents views on me dating? Will he not like me anymore once I tell him? Would you commit to a relationship if it was secret from the parents?


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  • Why would he like you still when you can't do anything? He'll find someone who can date

    • I can date, I'm just not allowed to commit to relationships because I'm 16. And he still likes me because I still like him. He just doesn't know my parents wishes when it comes to dating.