How to I get him to be my boyfriend?

I came to visit an guy from the past that I always had a huge crush on. He felt the same about me. When I first planned the trip it seemed like he still felt that way about me, but in the past few weeks he grew distant and I thought maybe because he knew he's got me? I want to be his girlfriend before I leave here tomorrow, What do I do?


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  • You ask him to be your boyfriend.

    Be brave, be bold, play safe if he says "yes."

    • What if he says no?

    • Isn't it traditional to complain about what a jerk they were, say you were "friendzoned," and... I don't know :p

      Honest answer: ice cream. And keeping busy. Rejection is why you have to be brave >.< But... it can be worth it!

      And if he says "no" that's really no worse than if you just leave. I mean... if you say nothing, you'll probably drift apart, and be sad and unhappy about that. Good luck! And ice cream, just in case.

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