Is he mad at me because I was wrong? I really need an answer?

My boyfriend was feeling down and self conscious. He told me he felt as if he was a loser. He told me that he was afraid he was not going to be able to win a poetry contest which he believed was his only chance, he was sure he was not going to create a good one. He felt as if he was losing his strength in what he loved and he feared sucking at what his life was all about. I reassured him telling him that I was sure he was going to win and that it was all in his head. I told him that if this poem wasn't good enough another one will be because I know what he's capable off. He believed me, believed he was going to win and I was glade... Until yesterday, the day his results came. Turns out his poem lost and now I feel as if I lied to him. I feel as if he's disappointed in me, in his self for trusting me. What would you guys feel if you were in his place? I really need an answer the mixture of sadness and guilt is eating me up.


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  • Me personally, i'd know you were just trying to fluff me up and ignore it. but in the rare case that I was fluffed up and the results came in and i lost. Why would I blame you? you weren't the one who failed me or the one i lost to. I won't be mad at you, hell, i'll need some real good fluffing up at that point.

    • He wasn't easy to fluff up I'll tell you that :p should I talk to him? What should I say?

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    • You have no idea how much I feel the need to hug him but I can't he's out of town. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what he'll do... ?

    • maybe, he may still be in grief/shock. a hug could work

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