He told me he's not looking for a relationship but I don't get it?

Everything was great! According to both of us. He wanted to know my favorites (color, music, food, etc). He came to my work just to give me a kiss and he came to my house after he got off of working nights just to kiss me again, first thing in the morning.

The chemistry is there and we have so much in common. We laugh constantly and he's a very affectionate person. He straight up told me that he was interested in me about two weeks ago.

He has a 2 year old child and his dad is pretty sick. So he told me that right now his priorities lie with them. I TOTALLY understand that. I am by no means trying to overstep or get in the way of anything.

But today he told me that he can't see himself getting into a relationship right now. He told me I did nothing wrong and that he doesn't want me to think I did anything wrong. But I just feel like a failure. I wish I could be there for him during all of what he's going through right now. I asked him how he felt about me and he won't say, either way. I just don't understand how everything was so great and now it all fell apart. I was very close to falling for him. And in my heart I really felt like those feelings were reciprocated.

I just don't know how to feel because I really, really like him. Everything was right when we were together. I feel like my heart was ripped out.


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  • It seems like a relationship simply is not in his list of priorities, I can't blame him, and it doesn't mean you did anything wrong at all. Do not take it personally, it is easy to blame yourself, but it can have nothing to do with you at all. Since you want a relationship you feel as though if you do all the right things he will want the same things as you, because after all, that is what you want, however, that just isn't the case. Some people just have different desires in life, that is what makes human life so diverse and unique. He may want a relationship at some point, but he sounds pretty genuine in his wants right now. That doesn't mean that you can't be supportive though. Sex is good, and so is being a good friend.


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  • He has a lot on his plate with his child and his dad. He doesn't have room for anyone eke right now