Why can't I let myself be happy with ME?

I've been struggling with acne- not bad, but definitely consistently- for 7 years now. I recently went off birth control and am trying my hardest to control the breakouts but I just can't stop obsessing over them. This guy at work likes me but I'm way too down about myself to even hangout or initiate hanging out with him. I'm scared that if I let him get close he'll see my awful skin and not want to be with me, which will just make my self esteem ten times worse. This is awful, any advice on how to control hormones or how to feel better about myself?


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  • I'm in the same boat :( nothing helps!!! and I've been suffering for 10 years now.. I use lot's of foundation, at least it makes me feel more confident around people. I do chemical peels as well, hope they will help..

  • He's seen you already, he knows what you look like. Seeing him outside of work will be no different.
    For hormones, you could try different foods. Some foods can help with this stuff, or herbal remedies. Just Google because there are tons and tons of different ones that work for different people.