I asked a guy out at work. He said no, because he doesn't want to get involved with anyone at work. Is that an excuse and he is just being polite?

He was showing signs that he fancies me. So I asked him out for drinks, he said no, because he doesn't want to get involved with anyone at work. Do you think it was just a polite excuse really? I am not ugly, people say I'm very attractive and lots of guys at work fancy me...

Any way I can change his mind? I do really like him a lot


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  • Its a legit thought (Like me, I only asked out a coworker when it was my last few weeks there)

    He's probably into you, but doesn't want the relationship ruined by the office life.

    So no worries girl :)

    • I hope he finds a new job soon and leave and asks me out lol, he is just perfect, it's hard for me to have feelings for him and being rejected :( thanks for opinion!!! :)

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  • That's the truth.

    Sensible people avoid mixing work with pleasure.

    The risks involved if things go south isn't worth it.

    • We work on different teams and our jobs don't cross.. that's why I thought it wouldn't hurt and sounds like an excuse :( but thank you!!! at least I won't feel ugly and totally rejected

    • It doesn't matter about working in different departments, different buildings etc, you still work for the same company.

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  • He's a smart guy. I wouldn't wanna date someone who I worked with either. That's just a potential disaster waiting to happen.

  • Why would you want to shit where you eat!

    Please get your love addict tendencies under control :s

    • Oh how rude! Well it's better to meet someone at work rather thanin a club is it? And if "fancying" someone is shitting for you then good luck ha

    • Not really. Ha

  • i think its common for people to dislike getting involved with a co-worker

  • I think (because you met at work), as opposed to outside, he is just being a tad bit selfish, (as in focusing on what's important to him, more than anything or anyone else).

    You are of course, employed to work, and to do your job, above all else. If there be a person distracting you from it... some guys are too realistic to buy into that.

    I don't think being selfish is necessarily a bad thing, everyone is selfish to an extent.

    You could see it as an ego thing, (as work > you), but it could just be more about who he is as a person, rather than how much he does/doesn't like you.

    Don't want to sound pessimistic, but that's the best way I could've conveyed what I meant to

  • No, it's sensible

  • Best to keep work and play separate!

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