Why do girls do this?

if you don't text a girl first they won't text you, if you don't invite them anywhere you guys will never hang out, and if you don't text them they will get mad or if you do something they don't like but they do it girls are so complicated


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  • I do text first, but when I see he's not putting any effort to talk to me I just stop and give him space. Sometimes to see if he bothers to check on me or to not make him feel "suffocated". I invite him, but if he says he's busy or doesn't want all the time I'll never Invite him to go out ever again. I think most girls do that to see if the guy does something about it. If he doesn't do anything they just assume the guy is not interested and in love with someone else, or something like that.


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  • Because if you don't invite them first they won't know if you like them or not. Also sometimes girls text the guy first, and sometimes we ask them to hangout

  • Umm... yeah, I don't understand why girls get pissed, if a guy doesn't text them first.. I mean, why don't they just do it? But the reason why I don't text a guy first is because I feel I will only be bothering him, and I can find better things to do, than waste someones time, who doesn't even want to talk

    • I get it if you feel that way but guys who text you everyday feel that exact same way and we would appreciate if you would text first more often so we could know you are taking them serious

    • I mean, if a guy would actually text me, than yeah, I'd do it, no prob, well, that is, if I'm interested in talking to him.. I was more refferring to making the first move... I don't do it simply cause I feel, that I'll be bothering the person

  • I'm a girl, and tbf I find it really unattractive if a guy doesn't have the balls to text you first, if he wants you that much then he will make the effort. It's just the way girls think

    • Not true, a guy can just be shy.

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    • I see but I'm not saying if a guy was shy... whatbi was trying to say is that even after a guy is in a relationship with the girl and he does most of the stuff first the girl still won't text first and that can really bother a guy

    • I mean after a relationship

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