Online and women answer this please. I'm 43, he was 40.

hi all...well I've been dating this man now just over a month from an on line dating site...we both decided we wanted we wanted to try and take it to next level a relationship.We did not have sex as I wanted to make sure this was for real and wanted both of us to have health which he agreed and said he really respected for it.Well he said he thinks we should let are children meet now that we a couple...i was a little hesitant as I ave never introduced my kids to any man or there kids for 6yrs(been single since then)Well we all met up and I was very very nervous but it went very well...So here's the thing...i went to delete my profile to find he was on line a few days early?Well I gave him benefit of the doubt...but something told me not o delete mine that night.So I left it and then went back on 2days later and he was on again the same day...well now I'm confused so I call and ask him why...he said when and how did I know he was on line...and he didn't like the fact that I was checking up on him...he also said he was replying to mail(his profile should have been hidden)from a lady he dated before me and could not see why I was upset as he as done nothing wrong...he said he would call that night and we could chat about it.Well he never called but sent a text saying he is stunned by my reaction and the conversation today and that he as enough on his mind without being on the look out for another girlfriend.Well I was really upset that he didn't call so we could have chatted like adults...i text back and told him he was very inconsiderate to me and my feeling and that I felt he broke my trust and I really couldn't be with some I don't trust,told him I meant everything I said and my feelings were real...and that I didn't think his feelings were that real if he still needed to be on a dating site...and that I think he wasn't 100% truthful.Got to say I am upset and hurt right now...i don't just date anyone and really thought a good decent man...NEEDLESS to say he never text back and I haven't heard from him since...that was two weeks ago.So people your views to say I am a strong lady and as much as I'm hurting I won't contact him again.My trust is gone.Thanks for all replies.


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  • He's not worth wasting your time on. Move on to someone better.

    • Thank you I said I am a strong lady anyway.....and I will move on but it still hurts But thank you for a reply and comment.

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  • That is not cool. Any decent caring man would understand why you would ask about him being on a dating site when the two of you are supposedly in a relationship. I think he was not telling the truth saying he was replying to mail. PPPPuhlease. Ridiculous. If you are in a relationship, you should be done talking to anyone on an online site. If they had been close, well they would have been talking off the site. I can tell you from dating online, that once two people are seeing each other exclusively any simpleton knows that your activity on a site shows up and you would never risk showing as still active to your girl or your guy.

    I also think it odd that he pushed so soon to have the two of you introduce each other's children. Now that you have had this experience you can consider on your own how long you would want to wait before doing something like that and hold to it with a new guy.

    Sorry to hear your experience but online dating can be tricky. I think what makes it the trickiest is that since they are not someone who is a part of your existing circle of friends or family, they really have nothing to lose by saying or doing whatever they feel like because you have no way of finding much out about them and they have nothing to lose if they treat you poorly.