So she used men to get free meals without being interested in them... so she was intentionally using these suckers... your thoughts?

your thoughts? do you have a lot of first dates you pay for?


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  • At the end of the day, a lot of guys pretending to be a gentleman and paying for first dates to get sex. a lot of girls pretending to like a guy for free stuff or money. Neither is worse than the other they're both deceitful.
    Personally, I always go 50/50 til he's my actual boyfriend then one of us will pay sometimes and the other will pay other times. Nobody needs to think I owe them anything.

    • i respect your kind.

      women are objectified because they are bought in a great majority of cases whether love is involved or not... if women hate this they should be independnet financially and self sufficient... this is the reason why men feel they are beter and superior... its the greater one who serves... not the lesser.

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    • You know they say that statistically the longest marriages are an older guy with a girl 4 years younger or more, so maybe you're on to something lol

    • thats very interesting.

      last 3 girls I've dated were 20, 20 and 24. my last committed relationship was with an older women.

      the dynamics just work out better in my opinion. younger women make me feel like a million bucks. very respectful and i get this lovey protective drive towards them and i adore them more often lol i don't know... i know it depends on the person but i feel its easier and more hamornious with a much younger chick... my ex always started fights from insecurities and always though id leave her for a young women... it was bad

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  • I know girls who've done that. Some of them have even made it explicitly clear that they aren't interested in the guy, but the guy is so pathetic that he throws himself at their feet anyway. Some guys are just desperate, and some girls are just golddiggers.

    I prefer splitting the bill when I do go out with a guy - I'd feel guilty as hell doing what they did ahahah

    • i think taking their offer is also givin them your power through debt...

      smart girls kno this and avoid trouble down the road... you really do have to be cruel to smile living like this hahah

  • Good for her, because a lot of times men use us just for sex..

    • its my theory that men objectify women because theyre bought.

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    • Oh I must have read the constitution wrong? Seems it says women have equal rights as men, so no you dont own the female gender, if we don't want you to fuck us, and you pursue anyways its called rape, and you get jail time for that, because women have equal rights

    • ok your not cruel and self centered opportunistic, what i m saying is that these traditions were made for a different time and the reason men use women for that is because women take advantage and offer pussy for a free meal etc . trust me, my player type of friends who date for casual sex will avoid the respectful kinds because they dont give their power away and emotional labour is more work than simply paying, buy taking free meals without intention to further their NOBEL interests. women can protect themselves to a certain extent by being independent and respectable

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  • Haha, if you're worried about that happening to you, here's a suggestion I wrote in another thread. Copy/paste:

    During one of my most active dating periods, over the course of the month, I had 23 dates with 15 different women (yeah, compressed schedule--I was bored, what can I say). Imagine how much money I would have spent had I paid for a dinner every night. Let's say $40 for both, including tips --that comes to $920 (12 months at that pace would be $11040)

    So there are a few solutions I adopted:

    If it's a dinner, she pays for her own meal, or for both of us (if a girl really likes you, she will sometimes want to, so let her; you can even use it as a test to see if she likes you).

    If it's just coffee, I'll pay for both, no need to be cheap over $2.

    Better yet, just don't go to dinner or do anything expensive. Dinners are awful dates anyways, unless you are already deep into a relationship with the girl (in which case you aren't going on 23 dates a month, so you can afford to treat her).

    The best dates are cheap, pressure free for both of you, and allow you both to be relaxed and focus on getting to know each other through conversation... or more, should you choose.

    Pouring a ton of money into dating is impractical financially and has no bearing on whether or not she's going to like you (unless she's the type of girl you don't want anyway). Plus, she has a job, so when there's a larger bill, why shouldn't she contribute?

    Hopefully that's useful to someone ;)

    • hey this was really good to read and insightful=) thanks for the post and ill def keep some of this in mind! i think its true cheaper dates focuses on each other and creates a non pressure comfortable environment.

    • No problem, happy to help. Cheap dates are the best dates, I've found that to almost always be true.

  • My thoughts are someone would have to be insane to date her, hire her or do business with her If they find out about this.

    It's sad when girls shrug and say 'guys use girls for sex'. Because it's true. But not these guys. Players aren't buying girls dinner. And this girl isn't getting played. Shitty men and women screw over nice and naive ones of the opposite sex.

    • this is such a shame. i know its more common than people like to beleive but this is modern dating for you... expensive without love or getting much return..."shitty men and women scree over nice and naive ones of the opposite sex" bravo. i agree

  • It's just a matter of time before I land on the
    "Free Food" of someone's contact list I think.

    • lol you didn't watch the video yet huh

    • Yeah I watched it , she's just cruising around playing men's expectation and then leaving them hanging ain't it?

      She got free food , she saved moneiz and the men got played for fools lol

    • yah lol she made a damn spread sheet there's so many of them lol

  • Of course she was.

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