When a girl calls you sweat heart and dear or honey a lot, What does that mean in girl code?

I have been dating this girl for while. She will always send me message starting with Dear or honey. She like to send me blushing faces. We have been dating. She say she always has me in her thoughts or She miss talking and seeing me. Do I have a girlfriend?


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  • If you have been dating then I think she's your girlfriend. She must be trying to flirt with you over text. I, personally, have never used "honey" or "dear", but it isn't like those words can be used in a negative connotation! If she sends you those blushing faces that means she's into you. I would send those a lot with people I have a crush on or like. She definitely likes you based on the information you gave. Just keep doing what you're doing and complement her! Complements always make us girls feel great even when we tell you we disagree. Tell her how beautiful she is and mean it. Start to call her names like "my baby" or "my *insert her name*" or some cute name like "teddy bear" or something. Just relax. She likes you, dude. By happy for that and make her fall more in love by giving her solid reasons to do so. Make her happy in every way you can.


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