Is my boyfriend really busy? Or a liar?

So I'm in a long distance relationship and I don't know why my boyfriend isn't messaging or calling me. We Don't text, we use kik and his kik has been offline for 3 weeks. After 2 weeks I finally called him and he told me he was in the hospital. He has been depressed and he has ended up in the hospital from self harm and suicide attempts before so this part I believed. He told me he had a mental breakdown but he was actually heading home as I was calling so he would call me back. Never did. So the next night I called and he said his dad was bringing him home from a concert so he would call back in 5 minutes. Never got a call back. Then a day or two later he actually texted me but only so he could get the password to my Netflix account.. but he mentioned something about living in a car. Like what? I called him a couple of days later, no answer. And I left him a message on Valentine's and he didn't call back. I've tried texting him but never got a text back. His kik is still offline so he probably doesn't have Internet. A while ago he did lose his job and told me he was on parole for something. Never told me why. Could that have something to do with it? And I'm pretty sure he has a minute kind of phone so maybe he doesn't want to waste them? Or the fact he said something about living in a car?
Or could it just be that he doesn't want to talk to me? The reason I don't call him often is because I'm afraid to call at a bad time and apparently those times, i did.


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  • Probably lying... If he was able to contact you to get your Netflix password then he could have contacted you to talk.


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  • I would say lying he is obviously not putting any effort in this relationship and the fact that he was able to text u for your Netflix password but for nothing else is just wrong You want to be with a guy that will actually put in effort and want to talk to you and see how tour day is going. personally I would have already ended the relationship

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