Going to the movies with your FWB?

I've been seeing this guy for several months.. we had a one night stand as we had an amazing time. So ever since, we'd hook up and it was consistent -I'd see him almost every week and he was always texting first. Everything was really fun.

During the fall we randomly stopped talking and he came back. I wasn't impressed at first and he wanted to go out for a drink a few months after not talking. The experience wasn't that great and he didn't perform well in bed, and I told him my honest opinion that I don't want to see him casually anymore (especially since he disappeared for two months). A month later, he contacts asking to go to a movie. So I said fine. He's not very cuddly unfortunately, he wasn't into kissing and holding my hand, but it was still a good time.

When we hang out, we always talk before and flirt, and talk about relationships. We don't talk about us getting in a relationship together, but about things that happened to us in the past, or things that bother us about bfs/gfs, etc. Is that normal?

Is going to to the movies with friends with benefits a bad idea?

kk thanks :) what if he texts me in like 2-3 week from now? Should I ignore him then?


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  • I would say no, but with 50 Shades of Grey just coming out - go see that and then afterwards hook up. It's sort of a date then but it's working you up for after.

    • We just went to see that on Friday when it came out -lol! Yeah he bought us popcorn to share and we were talking before the movie started. He wasn't making a move during the movie so I actually took his hand. After a few minutes he took it away and put it on my thigh, then stopped after a bit. The remainder of the movie i cuddle around his arm and my head over his shoulder. We we got back we talkd about relationships and about the movie - teasing each other about the belt thing. I was telling him to be rough with me like in the movie - but it was like the way we usually do it so it wasn't anything overly exciting

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    • kk thanks :) what if he texts me in like 2-3 week from now? Should I ignore him then?

    • If he doesn't text you in a week, and you want to, text him. If not, just put it off until he does.

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