Should you judge a guys character by the type of friends he has?

Often when I meet a guy who has a ton of girl friends or all of his friends seem douchey and playerish I won't want to date him. I am just wondering if other girls do this? or guys do you do this to girls?


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  • I agree with this. If one can tolerate douchey behavior of friends all the time and not see the problem of it, chances are is is just like the friends.
    But I also must admit this isn't always the case. I'm currently engaged to the best friend of an ex. While I still believe the ex is a complete asshole for his behavior in our past together: I obviously don't think my fiance is the same as him even though they are best friends.

  • U ever hear the saying birds of a feather flock together?

    • Yup and that's why I do that. But the thing is sometimes people are really friendly.. like I am friends with girls who other people think are really bitchy or really weird or who sleep around a lot but I am not like that myself for the most part i just like being friends with everyone so I can't help but to wonder if it's the same for some guys... although if it's like his best friend it might be a different story.

    • Very TRUW but sometimes it can be a warning sign as to who they really are.