Do I Make An Effort?

This guy and I have been texting for almost a week now but it's complicated. When I'm at school he skips and stays home to sleep and doesn't wake up until like 3. Then he'll text me at night when I'm out and busy. I try to text him good morning each day and I usually get one of two texts out of him. I really want this to work but our schedules don't match up? Should I talk to him and tell him all of this or? I don't know. I need advice.


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  • People are expendable. Find a new person.

    • I feel like he's this one shot I have and I need to take it, but I don't know if I should. That's the thing.

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    • Yea no prob. tbh I'm done with complicated things, it really just burdens the progression of your life. Really its like a river, the water wants to flow in a particular way but if you keep pushing it in other direction then the pace slows down and the water gets stagnant.

    • You're brilliant, thank you again. Lol.

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