Planning on asking him out. Any advice?

So im planning on asking this guy out. And like, im worried because he's good friends with my ex and im good friends with his ex and if i ask him, then that might effect his response, and he likes me a little and i dont know if he wants a relationship, and ugh. You know that feeling? Anyway i have a few questions and i would appreciate it if i recieved answers. Thanks!

(Guys) Would it be weird if a girl asked you out?
(Girls) Is it okay to ask a guy out?

What would be a cute way to do it?

How to handle rejection?

If he says yes, whats a good idea for a 1st date?

What to do about the exes?


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  • I would love it if a girl asked me out lol, it's always the guy and it gives too much pressure..

    Just ask him casually if he wanted to see a movie ALONE togehter, meaning no other friends

    if he says no, just say, ok then, have a nice day or sumthing lol
    dont freak out


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  • 95% of my relationships the girl asked me out, which is not the norm, but I much prefer that way. You should definitely ask him out, the worst that can happen is he says no in which case you'll get over it quickly I promise. Just make sure its ok with your friend. If he says yes how about bowling, or a date at a book shop? There is no way not to be cute when you're asking him out, any way will be just fine.

  • Id think it'd be kinda of weird if a girl suggested we go out. But what would be a good idea is if you asked him to go hangout with you somewhere and just hardcore flirted with him, then he'd ask you out next time and eventually you'd start dating.


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