Urgent, Does He still Care? What should I do?

So Me and this guy had a fight just over 1 week ago, he hasn't spoken to me since, I have texted him everyday and phoned him, but he hasn't responded, and ignored his phone ringing, I sent him a song and a photo of myself on whatsapp, after sending it, he came back online twice that night, I have only just installed the app on my phone, and I know he rarely went on it, before he got the photo, he hasn't been on for a week, yesterday I sent him a photo of the teddybear that I bought for him for Valentine's day he lives overseas. He sent me a message afterwards. I don't care, I don't want anything from you, you give me space and peace bye, after sending it, he logged in 1 hour later, and again later on that night.
Do you think he still cares? Do you think he sounds hurt and angry still? What should I do? How much space should I give him?
Don't tell me to forget him we first met in October 2014, and everday chatted on Facebook for upto 5 hours a night, skyped each other and spoke on the phone, plus texting. He told me he more than liked me, a feeling he had inside?


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  • Long distance (especially overseas) relationships are tough. You met in Oct 2014 and it's been over a year -- one of you isn't willing to move so you can be closer?

    A while ago I had a male roommate in NYC who moved in with me after his lease ended. His plan was to stay with me for 2 months at the most and then move in with his girlfriend in DC. He stayed in my apt in NYC for over a year. After 6 months his girlfriend moved to California; he kept making plans to move to CA and then postponing them. He only left because my other roommates and I asked him to move out (for unrelated reasons).

    My old roommate and his girlfriend are living together now and apparently doing well, but the ~12 months of being long distance was a real strain on the relationship. If one of you isn't willing to make the leap (or at least establish a firm plan to do so in the future), then just walk away.

    Good luck!


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  • Unfortunately i think its over. its been a week and nothing... right now you have to stop contacting him 100 percent! Leave him alone in every way, and give him the space and time he needs to miss you. If you text him everyday, you're letting him know that you will always be there waiting! thats not good! Dont check up on him either, you're only hurting yourself! So after 2 weeks of no communication on your part what so ever, if he still doesn't get back to you... its over! move on!

    • He did message me yesterday, with the message I don't care, I don't want anything from you, You give me space and peace, but then after sending came on again twice last night and once today, I wondered if he still cared because sometimes people say they don't care when they really do. He rarely used the app before till he found I had been sending him messages photos etc