Ladies 18-24 range, what do you think of guys who shave their heads?

I'm a 19 year old guy who has always had crappy thin hair, long it curled in a bad way and short showed off my hairline that looks like it recess an inch at the corners (it's been that way since I was born but still don't look good) so I shaved it to the skin and actually like it, people say it looks good on me (surprising as I'm a skinny pale guy and new people have seen old photos and say they prefer this to hair on me. But I want to know how this will affect what the attractive girls think of me. On other sites I've read about guys who are forced to shave their heads and how girls (or at least desirable ones) seem to avoid them so I decided to be blunt and ask, ladies is a shaved head really that big of a turn off, should I grow it back out or can shaved be attractive too? I added a poll but appreciate actual opinions too, if it's a dealbreaker for you say it, be blunt I appreciate honesty.

  • a completely shaved bald head can be attractive or isn't going to put you at a disadvantage
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  • shaved bald is unnatractive at this age
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  • It's a huge dealbreaker, shaved head is seen as very negative and not something young women could get past
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I've looked at a few other questions similar to this one on here dealing with hair (or lack thereof) and the polls have the same trends, a decent majority of women vote that shaved heads aren't an issue or can be attractive, some even prefer it, and the vast majority of guys always vote that it's a dealbreaker for attracting women; meaning either guys have personal experience it's a dealbreaker or are more brutally honest, or women really don't care as much about hair as axe wants us to believe.


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  • It's not a deal breaker, if my guy wanted to shave his head I could live with it. He has hair in other places for me to run my fingers through! = ]


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