My boyfriend's housemate doesn't like me?

My bf has a very good relationship with his housemate. However, his housemate gets really mad when I come over their house because from what I heard from my bf, his housemate gets mad because he couldn't speak to him when I'm around, and that my bf spends too much time with me and not enough time for him etc. I said sorry to him and he just ignores me and didn't say back a word. Is it my problem or his problem? What can I do so he stop hating me?


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  • I have roommates; I don't feel obligated to be there for them and vice versa.

    The guy sounds like a fucking idiot.

    • Yeah exactly. I mean it's my bf what does he expect. But it starts to get on my nuts when my bf said "I think you should apologize to him for being at our house ans make him feel uncomfortable"... This housemate is my bf's best friend that's why I don't wanna have a hot fight with him...

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  • I don't think there is really anything you can do. The housemate is obviously jealous and feels neglected. Maybe suggest to your bf, that when the two of you go out again and do something fun that he invites his housemate as well. This way you can get to know each other out of the house, and you should also bring a friend a long, and just remember not to be too affectionate in front of them.

    • On Valentine's I bought his housemate chocolate and I always try to say Hi or Bye when I arrive or leave. I always cook dinner for BOTH of them when I'm there. I always tell my bf to invite his housemate to grocery shopping together. My bf always ask me to help his housemate with his math his he's not good at math and I gladly helped a lot of times. I did everything I could but he still doesn't like me and always mad when I'm around.

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    • It's starting to affect my relationship because he's my bf's best friend and housemate at the same time... And my fbf really care about all his friends...

    • But your bf should be able to see that you really tried to get through to his friend and that his friend is the one with the attitude problem. Has you bf tried talking to his friend about it? Try to negotiate something that can work for you all.