Any interesting facts about love?

I am wondering and I'm really curious to find out. Most facts will get MH


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  • Haha there are no 'facts' there's just love and what it does to you.
    It'll hit you out of the blue and by the time you know whats going on it'll be too late to change or do anything and trust me, you won't wanna change a thing. Well, I guess you'll hope and pray he or she will catch you as you fall because I hear and have seen the tradegy of a person who took that jump but was never caught, I hope that isn't the case for you.

    When you fall in love and months go on by you'll look back and wonder how you made it without your other half. Love is everything you can think it to be and more. It's the destroyer, the creator, the protector and the perpetrator all in one.

    I hope you get to experience it one day for yourself, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world!!

  • You feel like Tom Cruise and want to get up and jump on a couch lol. But when It ends you feel heart broken and lost at first

    • Lol Tom cruise really haha

    • Only for that day when she's agrees to be your girl but not really just thought I would make it fun and thanks for your down vote

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  • Love comes in many ways.
    Love feels like you are able to trust each other with your life.
    That is what I feel with my parents, grandparents, siblings, and best friends.

  • Love is measured by the bad times not the good. True Love has boundaries. Love is unconditional, trust & faith are not.